Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
What plans do you have?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Slime Time

Need a party idea for those elementary age kids, especially those ones who like icky slimy stuff? What about a Slime Party? One place you can buy slime is at Arsa Toys: SLY1130 -- Slinky Toys FunLabs Power Putty Slimes Kit (For Ages 8 and Up). There’s even a recipe to make your own slime here. Or for younger kids, Arsa has an appropriate snail game: Speedy Eddy.

And IBY has an invitation that fits the theme. It’s appropriately called Slime Time.

Party favors could include slug or snail themed items. I found a Snail Puzzle at The Jungle Store that would work well as a prize. I’ve seen slug candy, and there’s always gummy worms that would mix in well with this theme. A cake could be made to match the slime theme, too.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, to be a kid again and play with slime! Sounds fun, I will have to mention this to my brother to see if his kids would like this party theme!

Anonymous said...

I know the perfect cake!! It is called a Dirt Cake. Just google that name to find a recipe, there are a few. If you use the ones with the oreos, make sure to freeze them before crumbling. When I did this I put the cake into a new, cleaned, lined with saran wrap, plastic planter, and I stuck in plastic flowers. The kids were appalled when I told them to dig in with their little (new and washed) trowels. I bet that ARSA Toys place would have buckets and garden toys you could buy.

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