Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
What plans do you have?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween Treats

When I was a kid we had this one friend who made homemade maple bars that she gave us on Halloween. I remember my mother making popcorn balls. In both cases, they were not given to strangers. Of course, it was a big deal about not taking anything but store-wrapped candy from strangers. There were warnings about having your parents check what you got. Rumors of razor blades in apples, contaminated candy, etc. Is it true or not?

Unfortunately, yes, there is some risk regarding sharp items. Read this write-up for more info.
Poison, not so much; read this one. For further info you can check out a book called Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. And the FDA has advice here.

But enough yucky stuff. Let’s talk about yummy stuff. I’ve pulled together some sources for recipes to make your Halloween party fun and tasty.

My favorite at Halloweentreats.com was the Crunchy Eyeballs (under cookies)—quite impressive looking. Other categories include drinks, snacks, candy and cakes, although at the moment only one punch and one snack is listed in those categories.

This site is a motherlode of recipes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have pictures, but there are more than 70 different recipes that include sweets, snacks and beverages.

Wow, the Vampire Kiss Martini is something else. This site says it has “frighteningly good” recipes and has good pictures of the results.

Forgot to mention that the previous site had some breakfast items. So, too does Rancid Recipes. They also include the following categories: Sickly Soups & Salads, Atrocious Appetizers, Delightful Dinners, Ghoulish Goodies, and Potion Sickness. Don’t know how tasty they’d be, but I sure like their titles! No pictures, but their descriptions make the results pretty clear.

Allrecipes.com has an Eerie Entertaining section. Some have pictures. I’ve used recipes from this website before with good results.

Signing off before I get more hungry!