Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
What plans do you have?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Teen Friend Birthday Party Problems

What do you do when you have friends who don’t get along with each other and you’d like to have both celebrate your birthday?

Nothing says you can’t plan more than one celebration. Here are some ideas.
- You could do something special with one friend* and invite the others to a party. i.e. “I’d love to go see that new movie or go to so-&-so’s concert, but can’t afford to invite a bunch of friends, so would you go with me to celebrate my birthday?”
- Would your parents let you have two parties? If you keep the costs down by doing home parties and help with set-up and clean-up and explain why, you mom and dad will probably go for it.
- If your family parties aren’t too lame, maybe one or two friends can join you there.*

These ideas work well, too, if you have a friend who doesn’t know your school (club, church, etc.) friends.

Another possibility, if your parents allow, is to invite more friends. If there are enough people at the party your friends don’t have to spend time together and it won’t be obvious. But if you DO decide to invite them both, I suggest you speak to each one privately. Could say something like, “I know you don’t get along with ‘Janie,’ but she’s my friend, too, and for my birthday I’d really appreciate it, if you two aren’t disagreeable. I’m asking ‘Janie’ to do the same thing with you, too.”

*Where I work you can order as few or as many invitations as you like. How fun for the special people to get a special invitation. Here are a few of my favorites: Pajama Time, Indy Race Car, Circles of Fun & Make a Splash. Remember the wording is up to you!